Custom Crafted Spas

A Great Deal Of Care Is Put Into Each and Every One Of Our Spas

Our Spas

All our Spas are designed and constructed with the highest quality with the spa user in mind. Relaxation and enjoyment are paramount, so our manufacture utilize only the best components, materials, and supplies. Their staff closely monitors quality control and attention to detail in order to produce only the highest quality Spas right here in southern California. All digital controls and heaters are manufactured in-house to assure excellence. They are fully self-contained. Thermoforming, lamination, woodworking are all done in house and they design, manufacture and maintain their own production tooling.
The Spas hydrotherapy jets gently and softly, sooth your entire body, ridding it of prior aches and pains rejuvenating your mind, body and spirit. You will feel revitalized after soaking and relaxing in the warm, soft, Spa water. All digital controls give you the flexibility to adjust the settings, and adaptability with your own preset programming.

Model Specifications

Hurricane Hurricane spas are equipped with, 240V heater and two 240V pumps.

DeluxeDeluxe spas have one pump, 120/240V convertible heaters and varying number of jets.
Deluxe Spas with 240V pumps may be ordered with 120V pumps, at no charge, to become convertible.

   1 Lb. Density
Foam Insulation.
The skirting is maintenance free composite sidings on a structural frame
with all pressure treated wood on the ground. All spas have thermal
pane insulation.

Standard Features

Digital electronics controls are standard on all spas together with GFCI protection.
Each spa is plumbed ozone ready – Plug in the ozonator and attach the air line.
The skirting is clear imported mahogany on a structural frame with all pressure treated wood on the ground. Composite Siding is also available.
All spas have thermal pane insulation.
A spa light with colored lenses are standard with all Spas.

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